Rammer operational safety technology

1. Vibration rammer should be applied to compacted clay soil, sand and gravel and other bulk materials can not be in the cement pavement and other hard ground operations. 2. Key pre-operational inspection items shall meet the following requirements: (1) The component connection is good, no loose; (2) internal combustion rammer have enough oil, rotating the throttle controller and flexible; (3) electric rammer reliable access to zero or ground, the cable insulation surface intact. 3. In order to make the parts lubricated, zdb35cx 2.2cm rope parts of electric concrete vibrator and improve machine temperature, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the internal combustion start after impact ram, the internal combustion engine should be idling 3-5min, then gradually increase the throttle until after the tamping machine beat stable before operations. 4. Electric rammer after power start, you should check the motor rotation direction, there is an error when switching phase. 5. Work should correctly grasp the rammer machine, not tilted, in order to reduce the vibration of the body, not the handle grip too tight, can control the tamping machine forward speed can be. 6. During normal operations, shall not press down hard hand, the impact of tamping machine jump height. When the job or uphill on a loose fillers can handle a little downward pressure will, and should be able to increase the tamping machine forward speed. 7. The need to increase the density of the places, controlled by hand compaction tamping machine in place again. 8. According to operational requirements, internal combustion rammer should throttle by adjusting the size, in a certain range change tamping machine vibration frequency. 9. Internal combustion rammer should not be at a high speed continuous operation, rammer air-cooled two-stroke internal combustion engine-based high-speed (4000r / min) gasoline engine, such as working at high speed for too long, the damage due to high temperature. You can not suddenly stop at high speed when the internal combustion engine. 10. Electric rammer shall be equipped with leakage cv3 malaysia type honda engine gx160 concrete vibrator protection device, the operator must wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes. When operating, the cable should not be pulled too tight, you should always check the thread to install, not loose and cause leakage. Non-rain operations. 11. Operation, when the rammer abnormal noise, immediately stop checking. 12. When the short-range transfer should first lift up a little hand rammer, loaded into the transport wheel hook rammer, and then pressing the handle, the center of gravity backward, only to promote hand transfer rammer. 13. After the operation, should be cleared of silt and attachment plate tamper, tamping machine to keep clean and well kept.

Electric rammer description:

Narrow space for granular soil compaction. This plate compactor is an ideal tool for compacting the road edge, ditches, ponds, columns, fences, buildings and so on. Features: 1) 380V 220V motors 2) Double cleaning system 3) heavy-duty shock rubber to reduce the adverse consequences 4) High-density polyethylene fuel tank eliminates corrosion 5) small rack gear and throttle lever 7) plywood (plywood) and steel tube vibration and stress alleviation

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